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Products & Merchandise

Jordan's RV Products Page is intended to give our customers a good idea of the vast variety of parts, accessories, tools, and equipment we can special order, or even have on-hand.


Please don't hesitate to Contact Us and we'll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for!


Hitches & Towing

Gooseneck hitch mounts, balls, accessories, and replacement parts. Fifth-wheel hitch mounts, plates, accessories, and replacement parts. Trunnion hitches, hitch adapters, hitch shanks, ball mount kits.

Wheels & Brakes

Trailer brake controls, wiring, and harnesses. Breakaway kits and accessories. Tire gauges and monitoring systems. Variety of spindles, hub kits, and hub accessories. Grease seals and bearing kits. Brake shoes, lining kits, electric & hydraulic assemblies. Wheel and lug covers, new tire, rims, and fenders.



Variety of Ride Rite products, replacement air bags, pressure switches, air line service kits, axle beams, spring seats and hangers, axle tie plates, return spring sets, hold down kits, u-bolts to fit, alignment kits, mount kits, shackle bolt kits, bushings, over/under conversion kits, equalizers, equalizer bars and springs.

Trailer Wiring

Sockets, connectors, plugs, terminals, brackets, pigtails and cables. Car ends, trailer ends, wiring harnesses, wiring kits, and multi-tow wiring kits. Adapters, converters, and conductors. Circuit testers and breakers. Along with a wide selection of different gauges, lengths, and shapes of wire.


Jacks & Levelers

Electric or power jacks, top-wind and side-wind, swivel and swing-up. Jack pads, feet, brackets, support plates, and caster wheels. Adjustable, a-frame, and straight couplers, coupler pins and locks. Manual or electric landing gear, landing gear kits, and landing motors. Lead and follow leg repair kits. Tripod, scissor jack, and c-jack stabilizers. Wheel chocks, stops, and locks. Huge assortment of different styles of leveling blocks and gauges.


Tank deodorizers, cleaners, and treatments. Sewer hoses and tanks, sewer hose kits, couplers, coupler kits. Hose adapters, fittings, valves, valve assemblies, terminal caps, and supports. Tote tanks, tote tank parts, tank heaters, tank monitors and probes.


Fresh Water

Water filters, cartidges, and pumps. An extensive array of sink and shower faucet styles. Shower heads, valves, hoses, and diverters. Faucet parts repair kits, tub moulding, strainers, and stoppers. Starter kits for any size RV or Camper. Many different style, durability, and length drinking/water hoses. Regulators and gauges. All the plugs, connectors, valves, caps, and adapters you need to complete your RV plumbing project!

Cleaners & Sealants

Cleaners and protectants, bug and stain removers, polish and wax. Carpet, upholstery, fiberglass, mold & mildew, metal, bilge, roof, and awning cleaners. Streak removers and rust converters. Roof, RV, and telescoping brushes. Caulking, adhesive tapes, slideout lubricant, and butyl.


Carriers & Haulers

Bike and tire carriers. Rope or tie down rings and stake pockets. E-tracks, ratchet straps, and camper hold downs.


Wide assortment of towing mirrors, rear-view cameras and accessories. Louvered tailgaites, fuel treatment, and even wiper blades.


Lighting & Antennas

Interior and exterior, ramp and entry, dome, ceiling, porch, motion detection, LED, LED replacement lights and bulbs. Taillight, turn light, brake light, LED light lenses. License plate and marker lights and reflectors. HDTV, DTV, and folding antennas. Satellite dishes and domes, mounts and mounting kits. Flat, coax, and TV cables. Cable connectors, splitters, splicers, and fittings. Interior and exterior TV, phone, and cable plates, receptacles, and jacks.

Electrical & LP Gas

Converters/chargers, transfer switches, power center systems, distribution panel systems. Circuit breakers, fuse blocks, and inverters. Portable and hard wired surge protectors. RV connectors, adapters, switches, and receptacles; plus, the covers, hatches, and plates to match accordingly. Propane gas detectors, regulators, auto changeovers, brackets, covers, pigtails, hoses, adapters, gauges, tanks, tank holders, and tank covers.



A HUGE selection of Air Conditioning Units! Refrigerators, freezers, door liners, shelves, thermostats, thermocouplers, door panels, switches, valves, electrodes, control assemblies, ignition controls, refrigerator side vents and roof vents, and refrigerator replacements parts. Two and three burner ranges, range hoods, vents, and covers. Furnaces, floor registers, ceiling vents, ducting, and heater/furnace replacement parts. Water heaters, elements, main burners, switches, gas and relief valves, and water heater door latches. Washers, dryers, washer/dryer combos, vent kits, and dryer cords.

Awnings & Covers

HUGE selection of different style awnings! And WIDE variety awning fabrics, colors, and designs. Window and slideout awnings. Awning rafters, supports, protection, screened rooms, accessories, and replacement parts. Window/awning visors and shades. RV, travel trailer, and camper covers. Windshield, tire, mirror, and wiper covers.


Steps & Ladders

Double, triple, or even quad steps, electric or manual. Folding and platform steps. Step braces, step lights, step rugs, and other accessories. Interior or exterior grab/assist handles, ladders and ladder parts, and roof racks.

Outdoor Accessories

LOTS of floor and awning mats, as well as furnishings like sofas, couches, recliners, and beds! Outdoor chairs, food covers, tent repair, screen repair, outdoor tables and cloths, patio lighting, grills, bug/insect repellants, clothesline. Kitchen utensils, counter extensions, and sink covers. Bowl, plate, towel, napkin, bag, and filter dispensers. Towel bars, collapsible brooms and trash cans, TV mounts, vacuums, flags and flag holders, fans, pet accessories, even toys/collectibles.

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